Health and Fitness – Importance for Entrepreneurs

eToims – Entrepreneur – Exercise – FitnessTo be a successful entrepreneur, JZ realizes the importance of maintaining his health and fitness.
Due to training for and participating in 14 marathons between ages 51 to 68 years, he further aggravated his previous neck and lower back problems which he had since age 31. He received various treatments with multiple health-care professionals that did not give him satisfactory pain relief.Since receiving Twitch Obtaining Intramuscular Stimulation in 1990 at age 65 years, he has stopped “physician shopping” for managing his pain symptoms and associated functional limitations.
Surface applied Electrical Twitch Obtaining Intramuscular Stimulation (eToims) allows him to recover faster from the nerve related muscle aches and pain symptoms that accrues from his activities of daily living.JZ now 81 years, performs his daily routine exercises which he demonstrates in the video. You will note the ease at which he performs these exercises and his agility. He stays true to the fact that “the entrepreneur must be agile, nimble and conditioned to react quickly when opportunities can be profitably developed”.You will see him perform stretches for the heel cords, hip flexors, hip extensors, knee extensors and spine extensors. He also performs push-ups. Note that he is able to nimbly get down to the floor, gets on his hands and knees, roll-over and then stands up fast from a crawl position.
Note that his left hip extensors and left quadriceps are weak since he places both hands on his left thigh to return to the erect position after being on his hands and knees.You will also see him perform bridging exercises for the trunk and hip extensors (gluteal muscles) and manual resistive exercises for the hip flexors. He also shows you some shoulder flexion and abduction exercises and trunk rotation exercises.© 2007 copyright

Review of Insanity and Your Health and Fitness

We are creatures of habit. It is comfortable to do the same thing over and over again. Even with our health and fitness, most people will have the same habit of going on a treadmill for 30 minutes, or walking for an hour, or doing the some other familiar exercise over and over again. They could do this for years and have little or no results. This is insane. Insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting different results. It is great to be persistent and consistent. It is not okay to be stubbornly unproductive.For many years, I would walk for an hour and be happy that I got a “workout” in. Walking is a great starter exercise program. You should escalate your walking into jogging, running, or even sprinting. You will find that you can get more results in a shorter amount of time when you increase your intensity. In addition, you will provide much needed care to your joints such as your knees and ankles when you vary the intensity and movement in a shorter duration of time. By constantly doing the same motion to your body for a long period, you can cause excessive wear and tear on your joints. It would be like dripping water on a rock- eventually the dripping water will erode the solid rock.You will need to add spice and variety to your exercises. Most people like to add more time in doing the same exercises. You have to shift your thinking to vary your exercises and intensity- not doing the exercises longer.Sprinting is a great exercise for your health and fitness. You can try sprinting for 20 seconds and resting for 10 seconds for about 8-10 times. This is a great fat burning workout. Also, you can try body weight exercises such as push-ups, lunges, squats, and a multitude of others to give your workout a spice of variety.Check out my site and see other innovative ways and routines to benefit your health and fitness.

Top 5 Easy Ways to Pursue Your Education – Online Continuing Education

We all lead very busy lives in a very competitive world. The person who succeeds in that competitive world is often times the person with the most education. The question most people ask is how to get your education and still maintain the job, family and other obligations that they have. Online continuing education is the answer many people are finding fits into their goals and their lifestyles.Online continuing education works with many of the advancements of technology. Using emails, message boards, virtual classrooms and other means of electronic communication, the school environment is brought to any computer with access to the Internet. A student can continue their education just as if they are in a traditional classroom.Certification programs as well as degree programs are available with online continuing education. There are a variety of programs out there for anyone and everyone to find something that they want to study. There are certifications in programs for continuing education in nursing, real estate and hotel and restaurant management. Degrees are available in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, CIS (Computer Information Systems) and even General Studies. You can continue your education towards an associate’s degree or follow your path towards a bachelor’s degree.There are things that you need to look for when considering online continuing education. A short list of things to look for are:#1 – Is the school accredited and by who?Accreditation is important for finding a school that is established and offers you a quality education that meets the standards of the accreditation authority.#2 – Does the school you are interested in qualify for financial aid from the government or your employer?Many schools are accredited and qualify for student loans, grants and funding through the United States Military. Ask the school what you will qualify for financially while attending their establishment.#3 – Are there fees for transfer of credits, evaluation or other miscellaneous task?Many schools offer a set fee for tuition then charge you for other miscellaneous items. Ensure you know how much you will need and what these fees are.#4 – Is the class work at your own pace or is there a set schedule?Class schedule and attendance in class vary from school to school. Some classes are at your own pace, while others require that you attend, or participate, in classroom discussion on a certain time frame. Find out what the obligation is before deciding if that school is for you.#5 – Are there classes that you have to take in a traditional setting or can every class be taken virtually?Some traditional continuing education classes require a percentage of your credits be acquired with them before you can graduate. Other schools require that you physically attend a class before graduation. With the advancements in technology, many schools are going virtual and no longer have these stipulations. Ensure what your chosen school’s policy aligns with your educational goals.Online continuing education is fast becoming the wave of the future. More often, we are hearing of people continuing their education in this manner. It fits in with the busy lifestyles and the commitments we have.